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5 security best practices for Linux at the intelligent edge

In 2022, more than 25,000 CVEs were reported, a 25% increase over 2021. New cybersecurity mandates and stricter supply chain security policies are direct responses to the increasing threat landscape for critical infrastructure systems. Software developers building and deploying Linux platforms for intelligent edge devices and systems are feeling the impact. A stronger security posture

Lifecycle Security for Legacy Linux Platforms

It’s a common challenge for network equipment companies: The priority is creating breakthrough innovations, not supporting and maintaining legacy software on deployed equipment. But the unfortunate consequence, all too often, is a buildup of technical debt, higher security risks, and unstable software platforms. In the case of one long-term Wind River® customer, a network equipment

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El impacto de Embedded Linux: Optimizar para cumplir los requisitos del mercado

A las empresas de todos los sectores se les pide que ofrezcan nuevos programas y servicios para lograr experiencias diferenciadas, personalizadas y atractivas. Embedded Linux impulsa este nuevo paradigma de sistemas inteligentes conectados. Las empresas que logren el éxito tendrán claro cómo desarrollar, desplegar y dar servicio a sus soluciones Linux con periferia inteligente. ¿Estás

Redefining the Role of the RTOS

The world of embedded systems is undergoing a profound evolution. Once isolated and purpose-built, embedded systems are increasingly software-defined with much greater requirements for connectivity, reliability, and flexibility. VxWorks® continues to lead this evolution with even greater capability, giving developers the power to be more productive and innovative. VxWorks enables embedded developers to take a