The enterprise Linux server

Most IT executives running Linux applications have the perception that their best option is to execute them either standalone or virtualized on x86 servers. Conversely, myths surrounding Unix and mainframe enterprise servers have misled business and IT executives into believing these high-end servers are expensive and outdated. Together these two perceptions have led to higher data center costs and sub-optimization for mid-market and larger companies. RFG finds that a better, more economical choice than x86 servers would be to move or deploy Linux applications onto an IBM Enterprise Linux Server, a specialized System z server. Such a move could cut the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Linux applications by up to 50 percent or more, especially if the applications are running on standalone servers. Additionally, the Enterprise Linux Server return on investment (ROI) is quicker and total cost of acquisition (TCA) is less than that of x86 Linux solutions for companies having more than 50 Linux production and support servers.